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Real Estate Law

Real estate law regulates who may use and own real property, as well as buildings and resources on such property. Though simple in concept, real estate transactions involve many legal principles and require a meticulous attention to detail.

Working with an experienced real estate lawyer — like those at Christopherson, Anderson, Paulson & Fideler, LLP, LLP — is therefore essential. The following outlines how our firm can help you manage your next real property endeavor.

Services In Commercial Or Residential Real Estate Development

Much of our real estate work focuses on residential and commercial property development or redevelopment. Our experienced attorneys will review contracts, assist in negotiations, negotiate partnerships, outline ownership and liability, and generally represent your interests throughout the venture. Our services include:

  • Determining whether the land in question has been properly zoned or requires rezoning for the project
  • Researching title and obtaining title insurance
  • Advising you on how to change or remove conditions, covenants and easements on the title
  • Resolving conflicts of interest and disputes that may arise between owners, developers, contractors and subcontractors

General Property Transfers

Buying, selling or leasing property, whether residential or commercial, presents a significant investment of time and money. Our team can help you navigate the complexities of transferring property appropriately and in accordance with the law.

We also assist families engaged in estate administration who must locate deeds, titles and other real property documentation. We seek to ensure its smooth transition from one generation to the next.

Handling Farmland Transactions

Though much of our real estate work falls within the city limits, we regularly assist farmers throughout South Dakota. Our services include:

  • Agricultural leases
  • Land purchases and sales
  • Rural property development
  • Transfers of farms or farmland through probate, trust administration or business succession

Help For Landlords And Property Managers

We represent property managers and landlords with “forcible entry and detainers,” also known as evictions. Landlords and property managers must follow several intricate steps, and any missteps in the process of evicting a commercial or residential tenant could result in having the motion denied or overturned.

Our lawyers can assist you in managing this process effectively. We can also help you with the legal aspects of:

  • Rental property and business management
  • Habitability concerns and property upkeep
  • Creation, negotiation and termination of leases

Land Use Issues And Mineral Rights

Whether you are engaged in a development project or wish to protect your rights to mineral resources on your land, it’s more important than ever to work with an experienced attorney. These complex issues often involve several bodies of law, including real estate law, municipal law, administrative law, business law and even estate law. Fortunately, our lawyers have experience working with these laws and can provide help with:

  • Zoning and rezoning land
  • Land use disputes and resolutions
  • Protection of mineral rights such as coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels
  • Transfers of mineral rights through estate or trust administration

Protecting Your Real Property Investments

Whatever your real estate needs or concerns, someone from our firm can help. Call our office in Sioux Falls at 605-679-6745 or contact us online to schedule an appointment with us today.