Family Law Services

Legal issues involving your family can quickly become overwhelming and emotionally draining. At Christopherson, Anderson, Paulson & Fideler, LLP, we take this to heart and provide clear-headed advice you can rely on to make informed decisions. While we never rush things, we also understand that unresolved family law issues significantly disrupt your daily life. Therefore, we seek efficient solutions tailored to your family's unique needs.

Whether you are adopting a child, seeking custody or dealing with an aging parent, you will receive the individualized, compassionate attention you deserve from our lawyers. We offer a variety of family law services, as detailed below:


Getting a divorce doesn't always mean going to court. We can help you pursue alternative dispute resolution methods like negotiation or mediation to resolve issues of marital property division, child custody and support or alimony.

Child Custody And Visitation

Getting custody of your children can sometimes be tricky. Our lawyers can help you work out a child custody arrangement that provides a visitation schedule that meets everyone's needs. We help married and unmarried parents seeking to resolve custody disputes.

Child Support

Whether you are providing support or receiving it, your children's needs come first. We can help you review South Dakota's child support guidelines in connection with your budget so as to obtain a fair agreement that protects your children's well-being.


Not all family law issues have to be contentious. Whether you are adopting a new baby or legalizing your relationship with a stepchild, we understand this should be a happy time in your life, not a stressful one. We will draft proper legal documentation and guide you through the adoption process, as we have for many other families in the Sioux Falls area.

Post-Decree Modifications And Enforcement

Circumstances can change, and sometimes judgments are not always followed. Our lawyers can help you enforce the terms of your divorce or custody arrangement or modify an existing agreement if your circumstances have substantially changed.

Orders Of Protection

If you or your children are victims of domestic abuse, you need legal counsel. Our attorneys can help you file for orders of protection to keep your family out of danger. We will also protect your rights — and safety — in any subsequent family law or criminal proceedings.

We're Ready To Help Your Family

Whatever stage your family is at, we can help. Our firm has served the Sioux Falls community since 1894, and we bring a tradition of excellent, personalized service to every case. Call 605-679-6745 to schedule a free initial consultation today.